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Transporting electric bikes to home

The newly purchased electric bikes, at the store, we offer free personal delivery. Delivery takes place once a week.


If you want to use the service of collecting an e-bike for a guarantee service or if you have a problem with an e-bike that does not hinder the operation, call us and we will put you on the waiting list.

Rent electric bike for free

In the event of a warranty repair, we will lend you a free replacement bike that you can use during the repair.


We are one of the first to offer you the latest testing news every year. Thanks to this, you will not miss any electric bikes.

Operating leasing for hotels

Do you run a hotel or guesthouse and would like to offer your guests the opportunity to rent top-of-the-range electric bikes? There is nothing easier than let us the message.


We make our own charging stations. We have installed more than 50 of them. If you are interested in buying a home charging station or company, please visit our e-shop.

ACCELERATION (Chip) of electro bikes

Do you want to ride like a devil? There is nothing easier than choosing the right "accelerator". The speed limitation of the central engine is set by the manufacturer to 25 km / h, thanks to acceleration you drive at speeds up to 55 km / h.

Electric bikes rental

We offer quality electric bikes for rent, with fixed or full-suspension frame, from the German manufacturer Haibike. Visit our website.

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